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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Toni Basil - Nobody -1982

Toni Basil  -  "Nobody"

The 3rd Single from Toni Basil was released in May 1982 and reached Number 52 on the U.K. singles chart.  Written by Paul Delph it was released on A&M records on  7 inch & 7 inch picture disc single and spent  4 weeks on the chart. 


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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

China Crisis - Flaunt The Imperfection - 1985

"Flaunt The Imperfection" is the third album from China Crisis, released in May 1985 on Virgin Records. It was produced by Walter Becker.  The album reached No. 9 on the British charts. 

Listen to the Full album:


Track Listing:

  1. "The Highest High"
  2. "Strength of Character"
  3. "You Did Cut Me"
  4. "Black Man Ray"
  5. "Wall of God" 
  6. "Gift of Freedom" 
  7. "King in a Catholic Style"
  8. "Bigger the Punch I'm Feeling"
  9. "The World Spins, I'm Part of It"
  10. "Blue Sea" 
  11. "June Bride"

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